Driving directions

To Chuck & Ardeen Hague’s House



Getting from the airport to our house is a snap, thanks to the fine road system here in Atlanta.


We live North of the airport:



Please note:

1.       Finding street address numbers is essentially impossible, so just give up on that right now.

2.       Right lanes suddenly turn into turn-only lanes

3.       Left lanes often suddenly turn into turn-only lanes

4.       Middle lanes are referred to by locals as “Bumper Carways”

5.       The speed limits are strictly and randomly enforced, but this does not stop most people from driving like race-car drivers

6.       Only every-other intersection has street signs, so if a given intersection does not have a sign, you may need to turn to go to the next street to see a sign.  This is a real cost savings measure for Atlanta.

7.       If you don’t know where the “big chicken” is, you will never, ever, find anyplace.